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Failure is Not an Option!

“We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated” – Maya Angelou

Are you afraid to try new things? Have you experienced defeat? Have you given up? If any of these questions apply to you, you are normal!

You have a new project at work. You want to please your boss and hope to move up the corporate ladder. Therefore, you feel that your project needs to be successful. However, the boss did not like the end product, and you feel like a failure and give up trying.

You have children; you want to be a good parent. You read books, take classes, do everything in your power to raise your child to be a healthy and happy adult. You may be surprised when your child turns to drugs. You are devastated and withdraw from friends and family.

You want to take up a sport but are afraid you will make a fool of yourself on the field. So, you join the football team, miss a pass, and give up.

You could look at the above situations in a couple of ways: defeat and give up or as a challenge and learn something and move forward with life.

How can you beat defeat?

· Let go

· Validate yourself

· Keep perspective

· Don’t take yourself seriously

· Be a good sport

· Don’t let judgment get to you

· Don’t lay blame

· If you were wrong, admit it

· Learn from what happened

· Improve on your mistakes

· Keep “playing” the game

If you are interested in more information, click on the following link

I encourage you not to accept defeat; keep working towards success.

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