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“The morning glories and the sunflowers turn naturally toward the light, but we have to be taught, it seems.” – Richard Rohr.

My blog’s name is Sunflowers 4 Life. Once a year, I return to the beginning of my blogging career and remind my readers why I have chosen sunflowers as my trademark.

Sunflowers symbolize loyalty and adoration. They are well-known for being a happy flower and the perfect bloom for a summer flower delivery to brighten someone's mood!

Sunflowers also symbolize unwavering faith and unconditional love. It's perfect to send to your loved one if you want to express exactly how much you adore him or her.

My affinity for sunflowers began during a very dark time in my life.

I was married, and we could not have children and decided to adopt. We went through several adoption attempts without success. Finally, we brought a child home from the hospital, but the process was not completed. At that time, the birth mother had six months to change her mind. Our son’s birth mother changed her mind and picked him up at 5 ½ months. The scene when she came for him was brutal for all involved. There were people in the room supporting my husband and myself, the birth mother, and the police who were there for a civil standby. The birth mom took the baby, and they started their new life together.

After she left with the baby, I immediately went into a deep depression. I continued in a downward spiral for 12 years. During that time, I attempted suicide, my husband left me, and I was barely functional. I lived in the dark. I rarely opened my blinds and stayed inside much of the time.

I moved into a new apartment, and a friend gave me a sunflower picture. I hung the picture up and didn’t pay much attention to it. Then, one day I walked by the picture, looked at it, and smiled. The yellow petals brightened my mood. It was the beginning of light entering my life. Slowly, I started opening myself up to more positive things. I opened my blinds, interacted with others, and stopped hiding from the light life had waiting for me.

It is many years later; I still love sunflowers. Sometimes I buy them at the store, put them in a vase, and enjoy them. The flowers continue to cause me to smile.

Fun Sunflower Facts

· They're native to the Americas.

· They were brought to Russia by royalty.

· Their popularity stands the test of time.

· They track the sun.

· The world's tallest sunflower reaches 30 feet and 1 inch.

· They have a history of healing.

· They have traveled to space.

· They are actually thousands of tiny flowers

· They can be used as scrubbing pads

For more details, see the following website:

I want to bring light to others, and I hope my blogs are encouraging and helpful.

Today, find or do something that brings a smile to your face!

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