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“I want my wardrobe to be full of good clothes so I don't run out of options when deciding what to wear. I love shopping!” - Virat Kohli

Ask anyone who knows me – I am a “clotheshorse.” A great day of fun for me is shopping. I not only shop, but I buy. That is not always a good thing. I tell myself that it is ok to be a clotheshorse because I give my clothes to other organizations that need clothing for their clients.

Have you ever seen the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic?” That movie is me!! When I go to stores, clothing items call out to me. I try to look straight ahead and not allow my eyes to glance at the mannequin with the gorgeous outfit on. But unfortunately, my eyes make their way to the items, and my legs start walking over to that area; my heart starts pounding, and the next thing I know, I have bought a new outfit.

The above quote is accurate, and I do believe in shopping therapy. All the shopping and clothes fill a perceived need and, for a short period, “fix” me. The question is, what am I running from?

There is a time for shopping therapy. A time to enjoy going to shops and finding that one thing that lifts your SPIRIT The problem comes when you spend too much time shopping and no time dealing with the issues in life.

I am improving my life and dealing with the issues before me. I am trying to shop with a purpose, not just go to the mall and buy everything I like. I need my money to last!! I am still working on this area. I just returned from vacation and bought some cute things; however, I did not buy everything I thought I needed! I call that a win.

Today when I get the urge to shop for no reason, I wait an hour, and if I am still focused on shopping, I decide to figure out what I need to address. I start by journaling, and issues I struggle with arise as I write. I write about the one that seems like the most significant issue and go from there.

Dealing with an issue takes more than journaling; it is a jumping-off point. For example, you may find that you need to talk with someone, make a plan of action, and take steps toward success.

5 steps for dealing with a problem.

1. Identify the problem. Finding a solution can help identify the root cause of the problem instead of just the symptoms of the issue (journaling).

2. Brainstorm potential solutions.

3. Choose the best solution.

4. Create a step-by-step plan.

5. Don't procrastinate.

I encourage you to put your credit cards down and see why you need to shop. Work on your issues and shop because you do not want to continue hiding from something! As I shared before, I just got home from vacation, and I did not overbuy and came home with money and am satisfied with what I got! Life is good.

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