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"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill.


Many of us are busy and become self-involved in our lives. There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself, but it is also important to serve others.


Are you a person that serves? We all have our own way of serving. At work, one serves their employer; the parent often serves their children, and a teacher serves their students. Everyday life is a matter of service. However, are you willing to stretch out beyond yourself and daily tasks to do an act of service?


A definition of service is:

·      The act of helping or doing work for someone; - millions are involved in volunteer service. Some examples are working in a homeless shelter, doing errands for someone homebound, or taking a meal to someone incapacitated.

·      An act of assistance – very similar to the above definition. For example, you are driving someone to an appointment, picking up groceries for a shut-in, or mowing the lawn for a neighbor.

·      A period of employment – She served as Department Head for six years.


Today, we are discussing the service to our church and community. Some may ask, “Why bother?” Service not only helps others, but it often provides us with purpose.


I serve in many capacities. I serve on the board of directors of Fresno Rotary, which is a service-oriented organization, The Fresno County Women's Chamber of Commerce, where I serve on the board of directors, I am an ambassador with Fresno Chamber of Commerce, and I am in Leadership Fresno. All of these organizations give me opportunities to serve. Not all do public service; they all provide opportunities to serve in different areas of the organization. Other organizations serve the community.


Another area I serve is as a greeter at church. It brings me much joy to say “Good morning” as people walk into the church. I have facilitated some groups and currently participate in the singles group.


As you can see, I am very busy. I like all the things I do. I am not involved in anything I don’t want to do. However, I have found that It is not only the service that supports the community or church but the pleasure it gives me to help others.


As humans, we can be extremely self-involved. We are busy doing our own things, but can we find time to give back? If you are a mother with young children, your act of service may be to raise your children in the best way possible.


Some of the classes I have been involved in church involve service projects. I have been to a ministry of Fresno Mission for women and children and served dinner. I had the opportunity to sit with the women and hear their stories. I was more blessed than any of the women were.


People can serve their community or church in numerous ways, depending on their interests, skills, and available time. Here are ten ideas for ways to get involved and make a positive impact:


1.     Volunteer at local organizations: Many community organizations, shelters, food banks, and nonprofits rely on volunteers to help with various tasks, such as serving meals, organizing events, or offering support to those in need.

2.     Join a community cleanup or beautification project: Participate in neighborhood cleanup initiatives or help with gardening and beautification projects to improve the appearance and safety of your community.

3.     Mentor or tutor: Offer your expertise or time to mentor or tutor students, helping them with their studies and personal development.

4.     Organize or support fundraising events: Help raise funds for charitable causes, community projects, or your church by organizing events like charity walks, bake sales or auctions.

5.     Visit the elderly or homebound: Spend time with seniors in nursing homes or visit homebound individuals, providing companionship and conversation.

6.     Assist with community events: Volunteer to help with local events, fairs, or festivals by offering your time for setup, organization, or cleanup.

7.     Serve in church ministries: Many churches have various ministries, such as food banks, youth groups, or outreach programs, where you can contribute your time and talents.

8.     Join a neighborhood watch program: Help improve community safety by participating in or starting a neighborhood watch program to deter crime and promote a sense of security.

9.     Provide transportation assistance: Offer to drive elderly or disabled community members to appointments, grocery stores, or other essential destinations.

10.  Organize or participate in charity drives: Coordinate or participate in clothing, food, or toy drives for those in need during holidays or times of crisis.


Remember that service can take many forms, and you should choose opportunities that align with your interests and skills. The most important thing is to make a positive contribution to your community or church in a way that feels meaningful to you.


I encourage you to find your niche and serve your community.


Have a great week!

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