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“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Most, well, maybe all, of my friends would tell you that I am very busy. I am involved in my church and several community organizations. I receive much satisfaction in everything I am involved in but wonder if who I genuinely am gets lost in the shuffle.

Our identities often are linked to life’s circumstances. You may be a wife, husband, daughter, son, mom, dad, executive, athlete, etc. At one point in my life, I was searching for my identity. My parents both died, and I am no longer a daughter. I lost a child, no longer a mom, divorced, and no longer a wife. Who am I?

I am single and do not have children or family responsibilities, leaving me the time to participate in many activities. The following is what I do regularly.

· I am on the board of directors for Fresno Rotary

· I am on the board of directors for Fresno County Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

· I am an Ambassador for the Fresno Chamber of Commerce.

· I attend 9to5 for Christ monthly.

· Spend time with friends.

· I am also involved in church and serve in several areas.

All the above are great! However, where am I finding my identity? Being part of the community makes me feel good about myself; however, that is not who I am. Going to church is fulfilling; that is not where my identity lies.

My identity is being a Child of God. A princess of the King! (I have always wanted to be royalty.)

Some people are no longer looking for their identity; they are looking for your identity. A large part of our identity is on the internet. Unfortunately, in today’s world, identity theft is rampant. The internet is a wonderful/awful tool we use to get information. The internet allows work to be more efficient, gives us access to critical information immediately, provides entertainment (games, YouTube, and social media), and is often used to shop or pay bills. The scary part of so much information on the internet is some people troll the web and the dark web to steal our social security numbers, all our pertinent information, and details of our lives. Unfortunately, with access to that information, our identity is stolen.

Who you genuinely are cannot be stolen. Your identity might change due to life; you get married, have children, get a new job, etc.

9 Ways to discover your identity.

1. List your strengths. One way to find your identity is to list your strengths.

2. Identify your core values.

3. What are your beliefs?

4. Meditate.

5. Practice mindfulness and awareness.

6. Accept who you are.

7. Journal for reflection on the past and future.

8. Take a personality test.

9. Get help. It doesn’t hurt to talk with a trusted person (friend, therapist, or pastor)

I found that my identity is more than one thing. I am a Child of God, first, then a friend, a sister, and other things. I encourage you to take the time and find your identity.

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1 commentaire

04 mars 2023

Who am I? Hmmm... I am me, I may not be as busy as you ( I'm grateful) but, as a whole I know who I am. I believe everyone wonders or wanders.... And find what or who they are looking for... Like a dear friend who cares and helps you find your... Identity...

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