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What I Learned From COVID

I thought that I was safe, wore my mask, took precautions, and received the first vaccination, but one morning, I woke up coughing and with a runny nose (at this point, I quarantined.) Throughout the next few days, I continually got worse. Finally, I talked with a friend (with a medical background), and he said my cough was too deep to be a Covid cough. By Sunday night, I knew that I was sick. I emailed my doctor, expecting to hear from him Monday; he got back to me within 15 minutes and had a Covid test scheduled for me in the morning.

I am single and live alone. The morning I went to get my Covid test, I realized how alone I felt. How was I supposed to get to Kaiser for the Covid test? I was lightheaded and didn’t think I should drive. Again, what was I supposed to do? I couldn’t call a friend and say, “Hey, I think I have Covid. Will you take me to get a test?” I couldn’t call Uber or a Taxi. I was angry and felt very alone. I carefully drove myself to Kaiser and took the test; I got home and pouted.

I was told that I would get test results within 48 to 72 hours. I received a positive test result within 24 hours. The doctor told me to get an Oximeter to see what my oxygen level was throughout the day. My percentages were low. I emailed my doctor, and he called me right away. He told me that I needed to go to the emergency room immediately. Again, I felt so alone. I happened to be on a group text with some friends, and one of them called and told me she was coming to take me to the hospital. I told her no because she is 80 years old. She told me that she had been fully vaccinated, would be wearing a mask, and I could sit in the back seat. I am so grateful for her. She also came and picked me up when I was discharged.

I had to be in quarantine for 20 days. God blessed me over and over again. So many people brought food, picked up my medications, sent cards and texts, and visited me through the window!!

It took me five weeks to recover, and I still have a cough and get tired quickly.

God taught me many things during this time.

1. I am not alone!! God is with me regardless of my circumstances

2. People do care

3. I will get well in His time, be PATIENT!

4. It is essential to take care of myself

5. God used a frustrating circumstance to draw me closer to Him

6. Be Thankful

7. I am blessed!!!!

I encourage you to look for the things you have learned under challenging circumstances.

I am so happy to be back blogging with you!

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