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“Okay. So, you had a bad day. Don’t let it spiral you into a mindset of doom and gloom. Get back in your power. Remember you are who you choose to be.” – Karen Salmansohn

Yesterday was a bad day, but – I found some humor in the frustration.

Here is how my day went:

  • I missed Bible Study. I woke up early but sat down for a minute, and two hours later, I woke up and realized I had missed it! I was disappointed; I had actually completed ALL the homework.

  • When I turned the TV on, the screen came up, then quickly went black, and a green rectangle appeared. No matter what I tried, I could not rectify the situation. I touched base with the person that helps care for my house.

  • I went to my volunteer job – which was great – I came home

  • I spent more time trying to fix the TV – still no TV!

  • The Air-conditioning company came to do the bi-yearly maintenance.

  • I called the people underwriting the warranty on the TV and could not get through since many call centers were closed due to the hurricane. I then called Costco’s concierge, and they had long wait times and closed some of their call centers due to the hurricane.


  • The smoke alarms started screeching, and one of them said, “FIRE – FIRE!” the house was full of smoke! The air-conditioning person had turned the heater on, and immediately smoke spewed into my home.

  • First, I looked around the house and did not see a fire.

  • Then, I went outside to ensure the maintenance guy knew the alarm was going off.

  • He said that was a good thing – my response was, “excuse me?”

  • He said a part had been replaced three weeks ago, and the guys did not run the heater. The oil needed to be burned off.

  • We opened all the doors and windows, and the alarms finally stopped

  • Maintenance was completed, and all is good

  • I participated in a family zoom – this was a good thing.

  • I then sat down at my desk to complete my grant and found that I had made a significant mistake.

As I read through the events of the day, I felt exhausted.

I did feel frustrated, but I looked back at the blog I wrote last week. Good can come out of frustration. I was frustrated because everything seemed to be going wrong. But, as I sat down and thought about the day, I can say I was in a good mood after all was said and done!

I don’t need to watch TV. I found time to write in my journal, make a phone call, and start writing this blog. I am waiting on corrections from my client to complete my grant. I can share my story, which has made others laugh. All that makes me feel good! (If I really need to watch TV, I have another one.)

When looking back on today's events, I believe I will laugh. I am learning to look at the bright side of frustrating things.

I slept well last night.

10 Ways to Make a Bad Day Better

1. Take a bath or shower. Cleaning a lousy day away can make you feel clean and refreshed.

2. Jam out to your favorite song.

3. Plan something fun.

4. Get some exercise.

5. Eat some food.

6. Do an act of kindness.

7. Chat with a friend or family member.

8. Take a nap.

9. Tidy up

10. Do an art project


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