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Taking it One Day at a Time!

“The best thing about the future is it comes one day at a time.” – Abraham Lincoln

Many set goals and get frustrated because they look too far into the future, get overwhelmed, and give up. Sound familiar? I know that I tend to give up because the process seems too daunting.

Losing weight is one of my goals. However, when I look at the amount I have to lose, I get frustrated and don’t want to keep working on the issue. Having this kind of attitude causes me to fail. I find myself rummaging through the refrigerator and eating in secret. This behavior brings guilt and self-loathing. It takes me a while to get back on track. If I work on my eating issues one day at a time, I can make it through that minute, hour, and day!

You may struggle with addiction and may be going through a step study or attending a group such as AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery, or a similar organization. One of the basic sayings is “one day at a time.” Changing your mind to embrace this action will facilitate a better chance of recovery.

The Serenity Prayer reminds us of what we need to focus on when making life changes.

God, grant me the

Serenity to accept the things I cannot CHANGE

The Courage to CHANGE the things I can.

And the Wisdom to know the DIFFERENCE.

Life is easier if we only look at what we can do one day at a time. I am not saying that we don’t set goals or make plans for the future, but it is crucial to stay in the present as we attempt to change.

I encourage you to attack your issues one day at a time.

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