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"Spring is when life's alive in everything." – Christina Rosetti

Spring is a beautiful time of year. The colors of the flowers that paint our earth with beauty, the greenery surrounding us, and the sunshine providing warmth and light to our day are breathtaking.

Spring is a sign of new life. After the winter, it is a breath of fresh air. I live in Central California, and our winter remains pleasant. I don’t experience the seasons; however, there are some changes. Some features of my winters are that the trees have lost their leaves, it gets dark earlier, the sun shines (some years, there are days of overcast skies and fog), and this year we had an abundance of rain. Then, when spring arrives, the leaves sprout, the flowers bloom, it stays light later, and there is a refreshing feeling of new life. I live in an agricultural area, and the crops are growing, and again new life appears.

Winter is beautiful in its own way. However, I look forward to the beauty of spring.

This year I wonder if spring is as inviting as usual!

Last year was the first year that I struggled with full-blown allergies. I had not struggled in the past (I know I was fortunate.) But, because allergies are new and I live in denial, I was unprepared for this spring.

As flowers started to bloom and the beauty of spring appeared, I didn’t think about allergies being a part of my life again this year. . . . . . THEN . . . . . . one Monday, it became extremely windy, and my dreaded allergies kicked in.

I felt fine; then it was like a switch turned on in my head, and I experienced allergy symptoms. Suddenly, my eyes burned and watered, my head felt full of “yuck,” my nose ran, and I got an annoying cough. I now fit in with many of my friends. Honestly, I thought I had a cold that would not go away!

I like the wind to a point. I know it is blowing a lot of the pollution out of the valley and has a mysterious feeling that something new is on the horizon. I realize that in some states, the wind can become a tornado and devastate communities, so it is not always good. However, it is a part of God’s creation!

Spring has sprung, and despite my allergies, it is beautiful.

Other than allergies, spring brings new life and brings many of us out of our shelter and into the light. Friends and family have barbeques, enjoy swimming, and go camping. In addition, many do activities such as attending baseball games, going on picnics, and sitting in the yard watching what is happening in the neighborhood.

A survey asked what your favorite thing about spring is; the following eight items were popular answers.

· Longer and brighter days.

· Flowers, flowers, flowers.

· Pruning the garden.

· Easter break.

· Goodbye to the winter wardrobe.

· Spring cleaning.

· More fruits in season.

· Birds singing.

What is your favorite part of spring? Please share in the comment section your favorite part of spring.

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