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Remember, Tomorrow is a New Day With a Fresh Start!

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

What do you do when you have a bad day? Cry? Yell? Sleep?

Remember, tomorrow is a new day! That means you have a fresh start.

All of us have had one of those days. The kids are driving you crazy, you have issues with your spouse, and your anxiety level is high. It is hard to believe that anything is going to get better.

Believe me; it will! A new day means a fresh start. Many issues are still there, but your energy is different, and you are ready to face the day.

One of the things that I have found helpful is an attitude of gratitude. We have discussed gratitude in past blogs, but it is essential to bring it up again.

Our brains cannot hold two thoughts at the same time. Suppose you are in the middle of a situation like the one described above. You may be experiencing negative thoughts. You can start thinking of something you are grateful for, which can turn into a positive thought.

Try this exercise,

· You see a beautiful black lab and notice its beautiful shiny coat. Then, in an instant, it runs out into the street and gets hit by a car.

o What are you thinking about? --- NEXT

· You see a beautiful sunset. The oranges and pinks are glowing. It is the most gorgeous one you have seen.

o What thinking about now?

You can only hold on to one of those thoughts at a time. Hopefully, you have chosen the thought that enhances good in life.

Changing your thoughts is where gratitude comes in. Spend time each day to find things to be grateful for.

I encourage you to hold positive thoughts by starting a gratitude journal.

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