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“If you don’t like something, change it. if you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

-Maya Angelou

I have never been one to like change. I rarely embrace change. I was excited about the change when I got married and relieved when I got divorced.

I have experienced many changes in my life, and after fighting it, I changed my attitude and, for the most part, am embracing it. So, I am going to share one of my funniest and most successful change with you.

I was slow to catch on to technology. I got a cell phone many years after most people had one. After all, what was wrong with the answering machines? I did not want people to find me when I was not home. And why would I need to keep phone numbers in a little machine I had an address book?

I have had a computer for years, but it took me a long time to catch up with current technology. After all, what was wrong with using encyclopedias and libraries for research? Also, I received letters through the mail. So why would I need a message with lightning speed?

Tablets? Do I really need to have a book-sized computer? Why would someone want to read a book on a computer, tablet, or phone? If I have access to a computer, why would I want to carry one in my purse?

Life has changed, and as much as I fought it, the change was good.

I depend on my cell phone for many reasons. When I forget my cell phone and leave the house, I get anxious – someone might be trying to get a hold of me. I check my email when I am out and about, watch the weather, play games while in a waiting room, or watch TV.

I started with a tower computer and have graduated to an Apple laptop! Research is so much easier. I send and receive emails. Emails have become a way of communicating with others immediately. There is no need to call or wait three days to get a letter. (Calling someone is still an important avenue of communication) I love having a word processor where I can type something like a blog and easily make changes. (Do you remember the days of liquid paper?)

I do have an iPad, and I do read books on it. When traveling, it is easier to carry an iPad than several books. When I am home, I read good old fashion books and enjoy the feel and smell of the pages.

I currently have a technology person who helps me learn the newest things with my computer. When she wants me to make changes, I go kicking and screaming. When she finally convinces me to change, I find the change helpful, making my life easier. If you need help, contact Lisa Kennedy at

After all my complaining, I like the convenience of technology. I just had to take the first step into a new thing.

Here's a 4 step process on how to make any change:

· You must want to change. Really, you must have such a strong desire to change that you're willing to overcome the pain and challenges of change.

· You must believe you can change.

· Identify the belief driving your behavior.

· Choose a better belief.

I encourage you to embrace change. (I am still working on this)

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