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How to Succeed

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

How do you succeed? What tools do you need? What inspires you?

“To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.” – Tony Dorsett

Most people strive to succeed in life. However, many are not sure how to get there. The above quote provides some tools to find that success.

What do you hold on to? What is your passion?

Helping others is important to me. My walk with Jesus Christ is most important to me. He has a plan for my life, and as I follow that plan, I succeed. I have some friends who need a listening ear or some help in another way, and I prioritize them in my life. Also, serving in areas of my community is essential.

Things like family, music, occupation, helping others, church, and teaching are only a few of the things you may hold on to.

What motivates you? I am motivated by many of the things I find important. For me, it becomes a question of what I am willing to work towards. Smaller items that encourage me are making some extra money, buying some clothes, being able to do a little travel, and going out to dinner or coffee with friends (only after COVID-19).

Some find their motivation comes from providing for the family, achieving goals, wanting a better life than our parents, and many other things.

What inspires you? Many different things inspire me. I am inspired by successful businesswomen who encourage me to succeed in my business, women in my church whose Christian life can be observed by their lifestyle, and some of the things I read to better myself.

What inspires you?

In all of these areas, I encourage you to spend some time journaling to explore what matters in your journey to success.

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