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Lift Your Spirit

Who has inspired you? I want to inspire others. I want to make a difference. Today’s quote echo’s that sentiment.

“My purpose: to lift your spirit and to motivate you. – Mavis Staples

I have been fortunate to have several people in my life that have been an inspiration to me.

One example:

My friend is a musician. He has spent years perfecting his skill; it has taken much practice, endurance, and discipline. Besides music, he has a full-time job yet still maintains a family life, friendships, and other interests in which he participates. In addition, he takes excellent care of himself. He challenges me to be a better person, takes care of myself, and work for what I claim is important. (I am stubborn, so I do not always incorporate suggestions in my life.)

I am overweight; he has challenged me to lose weight so that I will be healthier. (It takes a lot of guts for a male to confront a female on her weight!) I do listen to him; however, I still do my own thing. I did buy a Peloton with his encouragement and was faithful in the beginning. Since that time, I have slacked and have not ridden it regularly. He has not given up on me and continues to sternly but lovingly encourage me towards success.

He cares enough to keep challenging me in several areas, even when I don’t want to hear it. I appreciate the fact that he cares, and I have made some positive changes in my life. He is a true friend and an inspiration.

There have been people that have inspired me through their kindness, their commitment, and their lifestyle. I am blessed to be around so many incredible people.

The following article, “How to motivate and inspire your people in difficult times,” by Chris Witt, gives 5 steps to inspire people.

1. Be the change you want to inspire

2. Tell a story (stories engage people's imaginations and emotions. They show people what they’re capable of doing.)

3. Appeal to people’s value system

4. Trust people

5. Challenge them

Today, thank someone that has inspired you to greatness and find a way to inspire others!

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