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“People want to be creatively satisfied, and having fun is such an important part of that.”

-John Lasseter

Life can be redundant and boring at times. However, creative ideas are essential to having fun and enjoying our day. How we approach our day differs depending on whether you are a morning or night person.

I am a morning person. I have more energy and am ready to face the day when I wake. The night before I make my To Do list, I tackle it after a cup of coffee. I am busy and have a lot I want to accomplish daily. I have learned an important lesson; my day must be more than my To-do list. Every day needs something fun in it.

I have friends that are night people, and when I am ready for bed, they are starting to come alive and ready for fun. They often have to get up early to go to work or prepare kids for school. So, they might not find anything fun during the day, but come night; they are raring to go!

Fun is different for everyone. The following are definitions of fun.

Fun is:

Noun: enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure

Adjective: amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable.

Verb joke or tease.

Finding something fun daily does not mean going out to a party, riding a rollercoaster, or doing something wild and crazy. It can be something as simple as having coffee or a meal with a friend, watching your favorite TV show, or curling up with a book. Think about what you like to do.

The rest of today’s blog lists fun and creative ideas to improve your day.

Fun Things to Do

· Go to a food truck park.

· Catch up on your favorite book.

· Do yoga.

· Go to the farmer’s market.

· See a movie or play.

· Do crafts.

· Go for a long walk.

· Watch the sunrise or sunset.

Creativity in having fun often brings much joy to people.

Creative things to do indoors.

· Tie-dye an outfit. Who doesn't love a craft you can wear?

· Paint a picture. I have no skills in making art, but I have learned that painting by number is fun and therapeutic.

· Start scrapbooking. Scrapbooking brings memories and is fun to do

· Make pottery.

· Make jewelry that matches your style. I have a friend that makes beautiful jewelry. I have been a fortunate recipient of her jewelry. It brings her joy to both make items and give them to others.

· Learn how to do a new hairstyle.

· Start a new book.

· Download an audiobook.

You can get even more creative and use what you already have in your home.

· Make Art.

· Make Crafts.

· Learning challenge.

· Different routines.

· New diet. (I don’t know how this got on the list, I don’t think diets are fun!)

· Meditation.

· Journaling.

· New workout.

How to Enjoy Life More

· Practice Gratitude.

· Work on Mindfulness

· Put Yourself First.

· Be Kind to Yourself.

· Rest and Recuperate.

· Celebrate Small Wins.

· Invest in Yourself.

· Nurture Positive Relationship

Ways to Have Fun Daily in Your Busy Routine

· Make Decluttering Fun – play fun music of your choice, and dance to the music while decluttering.

· Laugh to Your Heart's Content.

· Change Your Morning Routine.

· Dance Like No One's Watching.

· Sing in the Shower.

· Go People Watching – I enjoy going to the mall and watching people. It is interesting to watch couples, teens only looking at their phones, and children trying to get their parents to buy them something.

· Strike Up a Conversation.

· Do Something Silly.

I realize that all those lists can be overwhelming. So don’t try to do so much. Instead, pick one or two things to try, and go for it!!

Go out today and have FUN!!

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