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“Your plane’s been delayed 20 minutes…or however long it takes airplane glue to dry.”


Yesterday, May 13, 2023. I left for Oklahoma to see my niece graduate from high school and visit my best friend and nephews. In past blogs, I have talked about the blessing my niece and nephews are. They are not my blood relatives, but they have always loved me and are the light of my world (2nd to Jesus Christ!) Kyra is graduating from high school, and I am honored to be a part of this significant event in her life.

All that said, I am not a good traveler. My flight left at 5 am. That is not a problem for me because I am a morning person. However, my anxiety got out of control regarding travel, and I did not sleep at all. During the time of not sleeping, I packed and repacked. I am visiting two different states with two different types of weather, so I had to pack both clothes for the heat and nice weather that gets very cold. When I got to the airport, my bag weighed exactly 50 pounds. I guess I won’t be buying any souvenirs on this trip.

The flight from Fresno to Denver was very nice. I sat next to a gentleman who does lighting for concerts, boxing matches, and more! He shared about his job, and I found it fascinating. The flight did have a moderate amount of turbulence. The pilot warned us that turbulence would start when we reached the trip's halfway point. I have been on many flights, and the pilot on this flight executed the smoothest landing I have experienced. The pilot made his way to the runway and set the plane down without even a bump!

I got to Denver and arrived at gate B16, and my connection was at gate B60. That was a long way to walk! I am not in good shape and was carrying bags! When I got to the gate, I thought I would die!!!!!!! But I made it and found a seat, and I did not move until we boarded.

There was a two-and-a-half-hour delay on this flight. So we finally got on the plan, and guess what?


You may be thinking – WHAT? Let me tell you this hilarious story.

The plane was boarded entirely, and we saw the flight attendants and pilots talking. I was sitting in the front and could hear the “talk.” Apparently, one of the bathrooms in the plane was broken, and they were discussing whether they needed to get it fixed or just close the one and use the other bathroom. The flight was only an hour long. So those of us in first class started loudly saying – “We can hold it!”

The pilot announced over the PA system that the bathroom did not work and maintenance was on the way! We were not happy and asked for a vote!! That did not go over well, and the first-class section was accused of trying to start a riot. Maintenance finally arrived and walked up and down the aisle, talking to the pilots. Finally, the decision was made to defer the maintenance until the plane landed in Tulsa. We were very excited.

The maintenance crew requisitioned an Out of Order sign. When the maintenance man went to the back of the plane to post it, apparently IT WAS NOT STICKY ENOUGH!! It would not stick to the door! So another sign had to be requisitioned, which took another 10 minutes. The worker was finally able to affix the sign. We waited another 10 minutes while the restroom was drained.

We finally took off, and there was a roar of approval!!

The plane was 3 hours late into Tulsa. Thankfully my friends were patient and were there when I arrived. So today, I am happily writing this blog at my friend's house in Oklahoma!

9 Tips for Handling a Cancelled or Delayed Flight

1. Be Polite, But Firm. When you pay for a ticket, you're paying for a ride on a plane that leaves at a specific time.

2. Check For Reimbursements.

3. Agree to A New Connection.

4. Call the Airline.

5. Don't Take It Out on The Flight Crew.

6. Have Insurance.

7. Arrive Early.

8. Seek Out Lounges.

9. Have a drink.

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