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“The best things in life are better with you.” - Anonymous

The day is finally here! I have been writing about Valentine's for three weeks. I covered everything from being single and enduring Valentine's, Singles’ Awareness Day, and my parents’ love.

Today is all about love. It could be the love of your family, the love of friends, and the most celebrated love of the day, the couple.

The small things done within the family are often rewarding. When I was growing up, time and again, there was a box of candy hearts and a card on my breakfast plate. From the time I was young, I liked clothes and dressing up, so I would find something pink or red to wear every Valentine's. My mom often bought me a red or pink headband or piece of clothing.

When I got to school, we would have a Valentine’s Day party in the afternoon, and Valentines were passed out. Several days before the party, we were required to decorate a box or large envelope where the Valentines would be placed. I am NOT artistic, and that art activity caused me stress and anxiety. During our school party, I did get some very lovely valentines, but I was aware of the people that did not put one in my box. I was thrilled when I moved into junior high (I am aging myself. I have been told that it is now middle school!) and no longer had to participate in elementary school drama.

In junior high, it was obvious who the couples were. I was in elementary school in the 1960s and 1970s, and in that era, I did not notice kids showing physical expressions of love in public until junior high. Walking by the lockers and maneuvering around a couple kissing was uncomfortable. It was embarrassing to watch others walking around with their hand on the others behind. There were others, being more appropriate, walking hand in hand. Unfortunately, those who did not have a boy or girlfriend were also noticeable.

Throughout my school years, I was awkward and had few social graces, so I was bullied and had few friends. As a result, I was not well-liked until I formed some friendships in high school.

In high school, many of my girlfriends referred to Valentine's as a very “ro-tic” day. That is romantic without the man. We usually got together on Valentine’s and did something fun.

Now, I usually quietly celebrate Valentine’s Day. Sometimes I am alone and prepare a nice dinner (or Door Dash it), go to the movies, or watch a movie, usually a comedy, on TV. I do nice things for myself. Sometimes a group of us get together and find something to do where we can talk and laugh.

As I mentioned earlier in the blog, small things done by family for Valentine’s Day create memories. (I will never forget candy hearts, cards, etc.) Unfortunately, since this blog is posted on Valentine's, it may be too late to implement some of the activities for families; however, some ideas can still be helpful.

6 Valentine's Day Activities for the Whole Family to Enjoy

· Make a love-themed breakfast together. (Lunch or dinner would work too!)

· Share a love story.

· Dance to your favorite love songs.

· Make chocolate-covered strawberries.

· Get crafty.

· Dress up and go on a special date.

Happy Valentine’s and have a GREAT day!

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