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Feeling vs Action

You know you have a busy day, but you don’t want to get out of bed. What do you do? That Peloton bike is waiting for you to ride, but you don’t want to exercise. What do you do?

“Don’t wait for your feelings to change to take action.

Take the action and your feelings will change” -Barbara Baron

If we live our lives by our feelings, very little will get done. I struggle with exercising. I don’t feel like I have the energy or the motivation to get on the Peloton, do stretching exercise, or go for a walk. I tell myself to “just do it,” and I am surprised at how good I feel once I finish.

I must admit that I continue to talk myself out of exercising. Yet, I want to feel like exercising and look forward to it. Again, I must “just do it.”

I have a friend who is an excellent example of putting action first then changing feelings. He hated exercising and did anything to avoid it. Finally, he bought a Pilates machine; he forced himself to work out. He then purchased a Peloton bike, enjoys riding, and then purchased a rower. He loves working out and has changed his attitude about health.

Do you look at the sink full of dishes, the laundry, yard work, and the garage that needs to be cleaned and just say “forget it”? I encourage you just to start the processes and look to the end goal. As things start looking better, your attitude changes. If you are like me, you won’t stop once you begin until the project is complete.

I need to take action on my eating and exercising. So many of us need to take action in this area!!

Today I encourage you to “JUST START” your project and work towards a goal.

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