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“If you go around being afraid, you’re never going to enjoy life. You only have one chance, so you’ve got to have fun.” – Lindsey Vonn

I do miss out on fun. I am often afraid that I will make a fool of myself, so I don’t try new things. Instead, I make excuses, do not attend events, or complain when I am there. When I am complaining, I am often ruining the event for others. I do not like being that person!

I am finding that I want to have fun. I was thinking about some things that I did in my younger years, and the following experience stood out. Twenty-five years ago, I went to a conference that required we participate in “trust” exercises. I struggle with trust, so I was not looking forward to this exercise. The group participated in several exercises, but the last one was the scariest. Participants were to climb a 30ft telephone pole, jump off and ring the bell. The other participants were below and held on to ropes attached to the harness to help the person float to the ground.

The problem! I waited until last and was petrified. I slowly climbed the pole and stood on the top, finding reasons I could not jump. I would start to jump, then stop and just stand on the pole. I stood on top of the pole for 15 minutes. I knew that the other participants were on the ground, ready to help me “float” to the ground. I did not trust them or myself. After coaxing from others showing support, I finally jumped and rang the bell. I then “floated” to the ground.

Afterward, I felt like I had accomplished something. I wanted to try it again. It was FUN!

What can you do to have fun?

· Seek out laughter in your life

· Learn to laugh at yourself

· Enjoy little moments in your everyday life

· Be spontaneous in the moment

· Switch up your routine

· Practice mindfulness throughout your day

· Change your mindset to think more positively

· Block out a time for fun every week

· Revisit things that made you happy as a child

· Dance for the sake of it

· Find ways to have fun without spending money

· Take vacations

(WikiHow to do anything)

Find ways to have fun, put your fear aside and enjoy life! I encourage you to do something fun today!

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