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“Single is no longer a lack of options – but a choice” -Mandy Hale

Earlier this week, I blogged about singles and Valentines. I promise today will be the last time I blog on singleness this month! Next week I will blog about Valentine’s Day itself!

For the last few years, I have heard people jokingly call Valentine’s Day Singles Appreciation Day. I thought it was a joke! But this morning, I was doing some research and found that, unofficially, February 15th is Singles Awareness Day! The day is also called the antithesis of Valentine’s Day.

On Singles Awareness Day, Single people gather to celebrate or to commiserate in their single status. Some want to remind romantic couples that they don’t need to be in a relationship to celebrate life.

Looking at the description makes being single sound depressing. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day is one of those painful days. (I don’t want this paragraph to end without saying that life can be very good for single people, and you can be happy!)

I have learned to embrace my singleness over the past 27 years (I have been divorced for 27 years). As a result, I am free to get involved in things where I can grow and hopefully make a difference in the church and the community without family responsibilities. I am fortunate in that I have friends to share my life with. I have found worth and happiness. Whether you are married or single, you grow as a person, and I believe it is important to embrace whatever situation you are blessed with.

On Monday, I wrote about things to do on Valentine’s Day. Today I will share things to do when you want to celebrate Singles Awareness Day.

According to a blog on, 5 Great Ways to Celebrate Singles Awareness Day the following things are suggested to observe this holiday

· Go on a long drive

· Every day is a good day for chocolate.

· Channel your energy into a workout.

· Why buy roses when you can grow them instead?

· Hang out with your friends

All of those are good ideas, but I have some other ideas!

· Ask a friend to go on an adventure with you.

o Go to a new shopping outlet.

o Go to a coffee shop or tea house

o Take that long drive, as noted above, go out of town, and do something fun!

o Go to a movie (maybe a horror flick?)

o Go on a walk with a friend.

· Get a facial

· Read a good book.

· Fix yourself a nice meal. (Those of you who are like me will be calling Door Dash!)

· Pamper yourself; you are worth it!

I know Singles Awareness Day is unofficial, so not publicly celebrated. You may be unable to do some of the fun things listed above on the 15th because you must work. I encourage you to find a day to celebrate your life and do something good for yourself!

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