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“Rain, rain, go away; come again some other day.” – Isaac Asimov

The above is a popular English nursery rhyme; it is learned by children and is often recited when they cannot go out and play because of the rain. My mom would recite this nursery rhyme when I was little because I continuously complained about the rain.

When I was young, I resented that the rain prevented me from playing outside. My mom would have fun things to do inside, but I needed to complain. When I started school, the rain kept the classes inside for recess and lunch. I was shy in those days (I am not sure what happened, but I am not shy anymore), and being held captive with that many kids almost drove me to the end of my rope. The teachers also lost their lunch hour and had to entertain us. Both students and teachers became grouchy. As a teenager, I feared the rain would muss my hair!! (Total vanity.)

I live in Central California, and we are experiencing a drought. Many have been praying, doing rain dances, and washing cars, all hoping for the rain to start. Finally, a few weeks ago, the rain came! There was excitement; however, the rain caused significant flooding, and many were evacuated. There are many puddles (lakes) in the road and many potholes. I chuckle when driving in an abundance of rain and hear an announcement on the radio that we need to conserve water because we are in a drought. (The reality is that we are still in a drought; we have not received significant rain in years. Our reservoirs and lakes are almost dry, many have relandscaped to drought-friendly yards, and my friends in agriculture tell me we are far from being out of the drought.)

I tend to be pessimistic, but I am working on being optimistic. I have written about some of the downfalls of the rain. So, let’s look at some positives about the rain – The air is clean, I am breathing easier, my grass is green, it helps the crops, and I enjoy being home and watching the rain while reading a book.

So, enjoy the gift that God has given us.

Please pray for the people harmed by the rain, volunteer places when needed, and give money to known organizations to help them complete their emergency efforts.

Stay dry, everyone!

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