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“Every year you make a resolution to change yourself. This year, make a resolution to be yourself. – Unknown

Today is the day before New Year’s Eve. What will you be doing for New Year’s Eve?

For some, it is a time to prepare for that New Year’s Eve party; for others, it is a day of shopping trying to get last-minute deals; and others will be reflective on the past year and make plans for the new year. However, there is a group of people who will accomplish all three!

I like the above quote. This year, I want to stop trying to measure up to other people’s expectations and learn to be myself. What does that look like?

For the most part, what people see is who I am. However, I tend to be a people pleaser and strive to make others happy at a significant cost to myself. This year I am working on the word “no”! That does not mean that I will not put myself in difficult situations, life is full of difficult situations, but I am not going to allow the situation to guide my decisions

I realize that overall resolutions are often broken. My goal is to succeed; however, it will not be done perfectly. It is essential to learn from our failures and move on.

This year I will not:

· Beat myself up

· Give up

· Allow others to coerce me to be someone I am not!

· Allow myself a restart when I have fallen back into old ways

What to do if you fail at your New Year's resolution?

Here are a few tips to help conquer 2023:

1. Choose a specific goal. Vague plans are often more likely to fall through.

2. Make a plan. Envision a pathway for your resolution to allow you to look into the future rather than dwell upon immediate results.

3. Set milestones and reward yourself.

4. Find support.

5. Embrace failure.

Enjoy this holiday. Be careful. Be responsible. HAVE FUN


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