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It's all fun and games until some bunny loses an ear.

What are you going to do this week?

For many, it is Holy Week, and as I described in my last blog, there are many spiritual activities to engage in.

· Maundy Thursday – is the night of the Passover meal when Jesus washed the disciples' feet. Often the churches that celebrate this event have a service where they wash each other's feet. (I have participated in this event, which is incredibly moving and humbling.) In addition, sometimes, a church will have a Seder dinner which is the Passover meal.

· Good Friday – The day that Jesus was crucified on the cross. Many churches have Good Friday services. This service is a time to reflect on Christ's suffering for our sake by sacrificing his life for our sins.

· Easter Sunday, also called Resurrection Sunday, is the day Jesus rose from the dead. It is a day of celebration.

Besides all the religious things to do, Spring break should be fun. Of course, many kids think about the Easter Bunny, Easter Egg Hunt, and candy which we will return to later.

Some ideas for spring break

· Go to the beach or a National Park – Enjoy the beauty of nature. As a child, I remember running in and out of the ocean and collecting seashells; in the mountains, I would climb on rocks and help find wood for the fire and many other things. In both arenas, I enjoyed getting dirty.

· Go to a baseball game. Modesto had a minor league team called The Modesto A's. The last I heard; they are called the Modesto Nuts. Now I go to the Fresno Grizzlies games and thoroughly enjoy them.

· Backyard fun – you don't have to travel to have fun. Set up some sports activities, such as badminton, soccer, volleyball, or ultimate Frisbee. -- Set up a water world using a Slip N Slide or turning on the sprinklers and running through them.

· Grill Master – have a picnic dinner. BBQ, whatever you like, for me, that would be a steak. Sit at the table and. enjoy each other.

· Volunteer – pick up trash around roadsides, parks, river areas, etc... Help serve a meal at a homeless shelter, help an elderly neighbor.

Those are a few fun examples of things to do with your break.

The following are some ways to incorporate Easter into your break fun.

· Share the Easter story.

· Help decorate for the week. There is fun in "dressing" the house up. Set out Bunnies, Chicks, Tulips, lambs, and decretive eggs. Kids can color Easter pictures and hang them. them up

· Paint Easter Eggs – It was a messy process when I was young, but we had fun. Now it is neater, but a lot of fun. There can be contests to see who has the best egg. Coloring eggs is an excellent exercise in creativity.

· Get the Easter baskets ready (more for the parent). Everyone has their own style when putting this together. The parts I remember as a child are a basket, grass, chocolate, a big chocolate rabbit, jellybeans, and a toy.

· Easter egg hunt – FUN for both children and adults

Enjoy your time, spend some time with you, and have a great week!!

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